Some specific benefits of yoga that affect the overall health + mental functioning + creativity have been studied recently by scientists, doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, theologians, philosophers and artists. Yoga, including both its physical side and meditation techniques, is the subject of numerous university level courses in the East and in the West. Yoga is practiced and extensively used in hospitals and other medical establishments as a complementary healing method, a way to eliminate or alleviate pain and suffering, for prevention or for recuperation and restoration of health. The discipline of “yoga therapy” or yoga chikitsa is quickly gaining ground in the West. Non-invasive, gentle and even pleasant ways to restore our health with a combination of postures, breathing and cleansing techniques, and meditation, are used to treat the ailments and diseases of cardio-circulatory, respiratory, nervous, digestive, skeleton-muscular, and reproductive systems. Yoga therapy is also used for the treatment of excessive weight and obesity, environment and stress-induced health problems, depression and everyday de-stressing of body and mind.