Our volunteers and collaborators are multifaceted, experienced and knowledgeable in the fields of yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation, tai chi, yoga therapy, ayurveda, and so on.


Nidžara Horozović (London UK, Croatia and Bosnia)

Studying Ayurveda and Yoga all over the world Nidzara got her qualifications via Sivananda Vedanta Yoga Alliance in Bahamas and Austria. She has advanced qualifications in Chakra Course (Kundalini), Kriya and Prana Vidya.

Nidžara is a qualified Ayurveda therapist and Ayurveda lifestyle and diet practitioner. Her teachers were Dr. Deepa Apte and Dr. Vlasant Lad. 

In addition to complete immersion in Yoga and Ayurveda’s various practices Nidzara has practiced classical Hindustani vocals for over three years at Bhavan London, singing if done consciously can help greatly with clearing your nadis/meridians. Also singing is very liberating and fun. She is also a very active member of the global lightworkers’ various organisations whose mission is to bring more light to planet Earth and feel more connected to Gaia and her abundance and love.


Dianne Toley (England)

Dianne Toley is devoted Yogi master and a globetrotter, who explored many different styles of yoga during the last 30 years. She is trained in Sivananda, Tantra, Jiva Mukti, Bikram, Chakra, Kundalini and Yin Yoga. She also participatedin numerous meditation retreats such as Osho`s, Vipassana meditations, sacred sound healing, Buddhist breathwork , and so on. In addition to all that, she is certified in Ayurvedic massage, Reiki, and Inner dance. 


Peđa Gnjatić (Belgrade, Serbia)

Peđa Gnjatić studied at Shiva School of Yoga, for many years, with Yogendra Rishi (Slobodan Vazić), from Serbia, with emphasis on Kundalini Hatha yoga, the work on intensive enlightment, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and Conscious Connected Breathing (Breathwork therapy). Over the last 13 years, he taught over 7000 yoga classes and organised many workshops and retreats in this part of Europe. He wrote several ebooks and has his own blog on yoga and breathwork. He grew up in a pristine mountainous environment of central Bosnia and is an advocate of nature retreats and finding one’s own authenticity in a natural environment. 


Maja Tukal/Sridevi Radhika (Croatia)

Maya Tukal/Sridevi Radhika started with the classical ballet at a very early age, but later in life developed her interest in classical Indian dance and yoga. She is a certified Bharat-Natyam dance performer and instructor from the prestigious Chithkala School of Dance in Bangalore, Southern India (master Praveen Kumara). This type of dance is characterized with full body movements that include mudras as hand gestures that reputedly induce higher/altered states of consciousness. She performs as an artist and teaches workshops all over the region and the world. She also works as the emotional yoga instructor at Open University (Zagreb).
In this workshop we will specifically focus on Shaktya dance, originating from ancient Indian temples from the times of Vedas. The priestesses versed in those dances were the only women allowed to choose their husbands, which is a complete curiosity even in contemporary India.


Mirjana Dodig (Croatia)

Yoga slika (1)

Mirjana Dodig is a certified Zen yoga and Zazen meditation instructor. She completed two year studies with zen yoga master and head of Dharmaloka Buddhist community in Croatia, Žarko Andrejević. Mirjana brings with her almost 20 years of zen yoga teaching experience. Her teacher is a direct student of chan master Shifu Sheng-Yen. http://www.zenyoga.eu/vjezbanje/ucitelji.html


Basia Przygoda (Poland)


Basia Przygoda is Yoga Alliance RYT500, but also an art therapist and writer;  she is extensively trained in Ashtanga, Sivananda and Iyengar yoga, but found her true calling in Kaula Tantra yoga lineage as taught by Bhagavan Shri Shanamukha and Ma Kristina Baird; she spends extended periods of time with her gurus at the Shri Kali ashram in Goa, India, and is grateful for all the wisdom and knowledge she received there.


Milica Zegarac (USA, Serbia, Croatia)


Milica is a Yoga Alliance RYT500 with over 600 teaching hours and several certifications. She is trained in classical Hatha and multi-style yoga at Yoga Vidya Gurukul and AYM in India and at Chicago Yoga Center (USA); certified by Yin Yoga Institute, lineage of Paulie Zink (USA); attended seminars and courses in Buddhist Zen yoga (Croatia), Tantra yoga (India), Thai yoga massage (USA), Iyengar yoga (India), Prana healing (USA). Doctoral student of transpersonal psychology at ITP/Sofia University (USA), specializing in somatic psychology, trauma and mood disorders.


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