Farrah S. (London, UK)

From the moment i arrived to the moment I left, I was treated with loving hospitality. The Starigrad setting was perfect for the yoga vacation: still enough to promote a meditative environment, yet lively enough to promote socializing with like minded people and enjoyment of cultural events if you wanted it. Yoga twice a day was just what I needed and undertaken by great teachers. It’s an experience I look forward to having again.

Vesna R. (Belgrade, SR)

Yoga vacation in Starigrad has changed my life so much and I am not the same person any more. I have lost 14kg in 20 days, discovered yoga (I was a total beginner), changed my eating habits and met wonderful people. In spite of almost daily visits to the fitness center for the previous 2 years, I was in constant pain because of double scoliosis and arthritis. Yoga sessions, combined with a healthy diet, swimming and positive atmosphere made me more healthy, flexible and energetic. The sea is clean, the coastline beautiful, and the vicinity of historic towns of Split and Hvar made the whole experience even more enjoyable. Even if you don`t have any health problem, you will fall in love with this beautiful place. Namaste.

Bianna M (Long Island, USA)

The retreat completely exceeded my expectations. People were so friendly and attentive and the food was amazing. I was nervous about going there with my 13 year old son, but everyone was so great and made us feel at home. Yoga practice was held at different locations in nature: on the beach, in the town park (perfumed with aromatic smells of lavender and rosemary), and mountain top (safari). The instructors were experienced and always ready to help and give suggestions. It was like heaven on Earth!

Nij (London, Zagreb, Sarajevo)

Yoga-Prema holiday in Croatia, was amazing. I was very happy to have an opportunity for the first time to do such a holiday in my own country. I really enjoyed the yoga routine and very healthy nourishing food. We also had time for socialising and enjoying the cultural scene that Stari Grad had to offer, like live concerts and private views. Also there were moments that I was able to take some time for myself and completely indulge myself with the book from a very inspiring spiritual library, that we had on offer while staying there. From time to time, we would take a little boat, have a nice cruise around the area and check some other beaches which was refreshing. I hope that this year my time will permit to spend a few more days with my yogi friends. For those who are considering this kind of healthy vacation or questioning how it is in yogi culture I would highly recommend these settings.
Kisses, N.


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