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    * Paypal – accepts Visa and Mastercard
    * Bank account  SG Splitska banka 01009069526 , routing/swift number HR81 2330 0031 1523 1372 2
    * PREMA d.o.o. Pape Ivana Pavla II/16, Stari grad, Croatia, postal code 21460

    * Contact us for other arrangements

    In order to reserve your space, please pay €100 for packages that are 7 nights or less, or €150 for any longer stays. The balance is due 10 days before the beginning of your yoga vacation or workshop. In case of cancellation, the deposit is refundable only in the case of medical emergency or it could be applied towards any future yoga vacation, workshop or event with Yoga-Prema within the next 24 months.

    The space is limited. Please make your reservation well in advance.

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